Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sega going back to its roots " Project Needlemouse "

Sega has been around for a long time, back in the day they were actually a common name around the house due to their innovation and success in the gaming industry. Their first big system success was the Sega Genesis which competed with the Super Nintendo, I wouldn't say one was better than the other. I will say that Sega definitely had their own style of games that was very different from Nintendo's approach. I remember playing Sonic 2 for the first time and just being blown away by the speed and atmosphere that made the game so memorable. 
         Sega had a good run of it for a few years after Genesis, trouble was on its way though. The Sega Saturn was released at a poor time and the Playstation 1 eventually took over the market. Than with the Sega Dreamcast (my favourite system of all time) they launched a little early and couldn't compete against the PS2's hype. This series of poor events eventually led Sega to give up on the hardware business and instead focus on just games. Unfortunately, this is around the time when Sega started to release games that were sloppy, choppy and just poorly made. 
          Recent reports are hinting that Sega has realized that a lot of its fans are unhappy and they are hoping to do something about it. Sega has announced a new Sonic title that will focus more on gameplay and Sonic instead of cheesy side characters and wishful gimmicks (shadow the hedgehog with a gun?) The title of the new game right now is Project Needlemouse and Sega has even done a countdown crossing out characters that will not be playable in it, leaving only Sonic himself. Sega has the resources and experience to make kick-ass games like they used to, they just gotta start listening more to the fans. With Project Needlemouse, I'm hoping they proove themselves once again. Oh yeah, supposedly the game will be all 2D, a huge throwback to Sega's Golden days. Sega has announced a 2010 release date for Project Needlemouse, no other info such as platforms has been announced.

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