Friday, January 22, 2010

"Shed"ing light into the stars

Peter Shah a Welshpool resident has turned his shed into more than a storage spot, with a little innovation (cutting a hole in the roof and installing a slider) and a couple thousand dollars in equipment Peter has created his own view of the surrounding stars. His images, all taken from home with his telescope/computer hybrid have been compared to Hubble images, keep in mind the Hubble is a multi-billion dollar telescope. 
      Peter says his passion for sky watching started when he was young and his mother bought him a basic 10$ telescope. He is a man with much patience as getting a good shot can take months and even years, especially in a city such as his that is usually covered in clouds. "I have fitted it with a sliding roof so I can sit in comfort and look at the heavens. I have a very modest set up but it just goes to show that a window to the universe is there for all of us – even with the smallest budgets" he said "I had to be patient and take the images over a period of several months because the skies in Britain are often clouded over and you need clear conditions." 
     He credits much of his great work to his wife Lisa, who he says stays up with him much of the time brewing coffee well into the night. If i didn't live in such a populated part of town I would look into getting a telescope myself, damn light pollution! Here are some of his pics, you can check out his site here for more

Impressive stuff eh?

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