Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spiderman re-booted

This is news from last week but I'm noticing not a lot of people know...So yeah Spiderman movies haven't lived up to Spiderman name in which they carry, I have loved Spiderman since a youngin and even at a young age I felt the movie just wasn't done right. The Second was even worst, than the third, the third one took my favourite character "Venom" and cast Eric from the 70's show as him.....this choice was a major fuck up...Now director Sam Raimi and actor Toby Maguire will no longer be involved with the series, yeah thats right. New Spiderman franchise, new spiderman, new director. I guess someone at Sony Pictures felt that they couldn't pick up the butchered pieces the third film left the series in.

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