Wednesday, January 13, 2010

U.F.O Disclosure Presentartion....Documentary Day: Movie #2

A must see for anyone interested in the UFO phenomenon, Amazing and very relevant to our days and times. So roll one up clear your schedule for a about an hour and 20 minutes and get your listening ears on. With info that's second to non with a "no non-sense" approach and understanding. This ones not to be missed. Sit back and enjoy...

N.A.S.A official U.F.O photograph...

Avrocar... *Note the sketchy black suits lurking in the shadows. lol

And Finally. Sent to me by a huge contributing member of Above Top Secret and fellow halagonian and ufo contactee now living in Edmonton. Who The Juice himself found back in the summer who told him, "we'll meet if were meant to" found me on facebook through a friend follow my new years eve encounter post that managed to find him within 48 hours of me posting? one of the first links he sent was this. shortly after new years eve Halifax 2008.

He's claimed to me that the "new years contact" has happened for 3 years in a row now following my encounter... he now considers Myself and The Juice to be the ones who picked up his contacts since he's left. And Frankly i think it makes alot of sense. We did after all seem to have "met him when we were supposed too.."

All the best. Enjoy the post...


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