Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Batman 3 rumours....again

IGN has reported some rumours stirring around regarding the third Batman flick, there has been a lot of talk and confusion especially considering what happened to Mr. Ledger. IGN has reported that the first draft of the film might actually be completed, supposedly a few of the classic Batman villains will make an appearance including Mr.Freeze and The Penguin, though they are said to only be small cameos. 
           The alleged main villain will be The Riddler, this strengthens rumours that were floating around a few months ago. The movie is also said to have a large focus on Arkham Asylum, makes a lot sense considering how well the game did. The final bit of news is that Dick Grayson might also make an appearance, hopefully not as Robin though. Can Batman 3 live up The Dark Knight ?

*Picture is a fan made poster, not official.

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