Saturday, February 27, 2010

Canada takes the lead in Gold medals.

With Pride, check out Canada's medal count. We pulled in quite a few medals today.
We are all aware that we are Canadians, And we settle for nothing less than gold. Today we got what we have all been waiting for, the lead in GOLD. Its kind of funny to me that America has more bronze then anything/anyone at the moment.

Be sure to tune in to watch the biggest game of the year tomorrow, as our men's ice hockey team takes on team USA in a rematch, for the gold. Its bound to be a good game, so tune in, and if not, you better be there in spirit.

Canadians Stand Up.

EDIT*: I did not know that the chart was going to be transparent, Sorry if its a little hard to read.

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Nick said...

Be proud Canada, 13 gold medals is not only a new record for Canada in ANY Olympics and a new all time record for a host county, but it also ties the all time winter Olympics record by any country. If Canadas mens hockey team wins gold today against the USA, Canada will set the new record for most golds in a winter Olympics! ON Canadian soil! No pressure boys.