Monday, February 8, 2010

Much delayed footage....Datsik & Excision @ Incinérateur Rosemont

So we originally were going to make our own documentary showing the trip from Halifax to the Datsik/Excision show in Montreal. We have a ton of footage from the drive and the arrival in Montreal, unfortunately the camera's memory ran out literally as we got in the show. It's a shame too because the show was absolutely off the fucking chain.
       I thought all chances of having footage from the show was lost until Mr.Canning showed me this clip he had found. The video is shot really well and captures what it felt like to be in there, the only downside is the song during the video isn't even a Datsik or Excision song, still though, you will get the idea. Props to youtube user "Clampirate" for the footage! I'm still recovering from this show. DUB love.

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Ghost said...

yooooo fix that video box so i can full screen that shiiizzzz! :P