Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nintendo DS2 dev kits

Nintendo loves quick cash-ins, there was the gameboy, gameboy pocket, gameboy colour, gameboy advance, gameboy sp. Even with the "little" innovation each product brought there were people just eating the shit up. I'm not gonna say the company isn't creative, they are, I just find their creativity seems to be far in between.
       Multiple gaming sites are reporting that Nintendo next "new" handheld is far into production and might actually be in the hands of a few developers. 

Here is a bit on what 1up had to say

 "New rumor (via GoNintendo) regarding the DS2 claims that developers already have the system in their possession. Following up on that, CVG is now reporting that DS2 development kits are indeed in the hands of "select developers in Japan." Not only that, but the system includes a motion-sensing feature that one anonymous developer with access to the system described as "a 'tilt' function that's not dissimilar to iPhone," but added that it "does a lot more."

Will the new system be something fresh, or will it be a DS with some tacked on features and an increased price? hopefully not. Even if it is, there will be costumers. Suposedly the system will be unveiled at this year E3.

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