Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Obama takes off

It's not fresh news that the U.S space program has been going cold over the past couple years, with the exception of the Mars rover missions and a few others there has been very little interest in space exploration. It seems with all the billions of dollars floating around most of it is thrown into war, shame. Today some exciting news has come out regarding NASA's space program. It seems Obama is into the idea of space exploration more than Bush was, doesn't surprise me a great deal.
       One catch, all this has to be ok'd by Congress. So of right now, this is on the fence. Still the idea of a more serious look into space is one that has me thinking. Sure our world is fucked, money should obviously be used to help the people on our own planet. But still, we have to think about the future, eventually our population wont fit on this tiny little rock. If we start exploring space now, it gives future generations a head start on colonizing other worlds or finding other resources to help comfort the growing numbers of humans.
        Here is a piece of the plan, lets hope this thang gets passed. We all know the current NASA space program is a huge joke.

"[One program] funded at $7.8 billion over five years, will invent and demonstrate large-scale, new and novel approaches to spaceflight such as in-orbit fuel depots and rendezvous and docking technologies, and closed-loop life support systems so that our future robotic and human exploration missions are both highly capable and more affordable . . . [Another program] provides $3 billion over five years for robotic exploration precursor missions that will pave the way for later human exploration of the moon, Mars and nearby asteroids."

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