Thursday, February 4, 2010

Obama, keeping the public happy with soma and blowjobs.

This is going to contradict everything TheJuice said, but it's probably a good idea to start my first post by playing the devil's advocate.
"The initiative, for now at least, is more about what NASA plans to cancel than what it plans to pursue. The six-year-old Constellation program, which had been focused on developing new boosters, Apollo-like orbiters and a 21st century lunar lander, all with the goal of making long-term stays on the moon possible, will be scrapped, after $9 billion and a single flight of the Ares 1 booster last October. The longer-term goal of venturing out to Mars is being tabled along with it. In place of that program, NASA will tackle a grab bag of other projects: extending the life of the so-far unfinished International Space Station (ISS) until 2020, and spending $4.9 billion to develop better robotics, $7.8 billion to develop new flight techniques such as in-orbit fuel depots and closed-loop life-support systems, and $3 billion to develop new unmanned ships. There are no entirely unworthy objectives in that list (with the possible exception of the ISS), but there's also no clear way of getting humans back into space after 2010, once the shuttles are mothballed."
Who else calls bullshit on this?
While anyone with any sense calls Obama on the fact that he hasn't really changed America for the better, it's been obvious he's a figurehead from the getgo.
Still, with the amount of economic problems, international crises, domestic fuckupperies and various other money pits the States have gotten themselves into, what good will dropping billions of dollars into space exploration hold? As far as we, the public, know- nothing good has come out of the Space Shuttle program in decades. Whereas it may be 'educational', this isn't the Cold War.
All because China and India are busy running their countries into the ground by spending trillions on their own programs, doesn't mean there's a Stargate up there. Take a look at both countries' from an economic standpoint. While they bring in money by exploitation of their own people, siphoning it off into that instead of promoting industry and human rights is downright disgusting. America has enough of it's own domestic problems to be able to afford so much on so little.
Obama- grossly overrated since two thousand and eight.
This hurts my face.
This is CynicPirate, wishing you all a pleasant day and less-than-average amount of vehicular homicide.

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