Wednesday, March 31, 2010

HE'S ON FIRE !!!!!!

The original NBA jam was one of the few "sports" games I actually got into, yeah you could light on fire and dunk from half but that's what made it fun, that and the ridiculous commentator. The game was tight and simple enough for someone to learn within minutes, maybe that's cause the genesis had 3 buttons. Either way, when I heard a new one was coming out I got pretty pumped. Unfortunately it's only announced for Wii, but it's being published by EA, they like their money, I would be shocked if this wasn't released on the PS3 an 360 by the years end. Me, you a blunt and jam.....I'M STILL KING!

From the look of the pics they kept the goofy cartoon look of the original, legittt.

*Pics courtesy of 1up

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