Friday, March 12, 2010

Lion Whisperer

Kevin Richardson, this guy is just too epic, from playing with lions to cuddlin up with a pack of hyenas. Just prooves that we have a lot to learn about these "beasts" many seem to think are evil and ruthless. While they are wild and unpredictable, aren't we all? 
       He has been doing this since a young age and has yet to be attacked. He has gone out of his way to rescue these animals and give them a safe place to live, he is not making them jump through hoops in front of an audience. I hope Karma carries you well into your elderly years sir, a true hero to say the least. 

If you are interested by this guy try searching him on youtube, there are a ton of incredible videos. On another note, I have totally changed my outlook on hyenas, I had given into the stereotype about them, after some research I have found they can actually be pretty compassionate and interesting creatures.

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