Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some species we have taken out...entirely

We need change and we need it soon. People need to stop caring about working shit jobs for large pay cheques and expansion, always wanting bigger and better. We are taking out the earths species one by one. Here are a few animals that are no longer around due to human "expansion", if this doesn't hit a note, your too numb already. 

Javan Tiger (1979)

Similar in appearance to the Sumatran Tiger, the Javan Tiger was native to the Indonesian island of Java. In the 1800s they were so common they were considered pests by island natives, but as the island was developed their population dwindled. By the 1950s, only 20 tigers remained.
Cause of extinction: Loss of habitat and agricultural development lead to severe population decline. Conservation efforts in the 1940s and '50s were unsuccessful due to a lack of adequate land and planning.

Golden Toad (1989)

The Golden Toad: It’s not the only species to disappear in the past 40 years – but it might just be the brightest. This fluorescent amphibian was found in the high altitude ridges of Costa Rica, but thanks to pollution, global warming and fungal skin infections, the species became extinct in 1989.

Dutch Alcon Blue Butterfly (1979)

This Dutch butterfly -- a subspecies of the Alcon Blue -- was found mainly in the grasslands of The Netherlands. While closely related species (pictured here) still exist in parts of Europe and Asia, the last Dutch Alcon Blue was seen in the wild in 1979.
Cause of extinction: Increases in farming and building had a negative impact on the Alcon Blue's habitat and caused it to lose its main food source.

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