Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dargo, The Narc

Found a strange yet real article explaining a business in Indiana called Desert Drug Dog. As if parent-teenager connections weren't strained and lacking trust enough. - 

"A Chandler woman has started a business called Desert Drug Dog, where she rents out her retired, drug-sniffing dog to parents who suspect their teens of using drugs.

 Amy Halm and her dog, Dargo, will come to your house and flip it for drugs like it's a mini-van at a border-patrol checkpoint. She'll even do it when the kids are at school so they'll never know how you found their stash.

Dargo used to work for a police department in Indiana but has since retired and come to live with Halm in her Chandler home.

Halm tells 
New Times that Dargo had to leave his job as a working drug dog because, while he was great at sniffing out dope, he would often freak out if -- while he was searching for drugs -- a loud vehicle sped by.

Dargo's specialties are cocaine, marijuana, crystal meth, and just about any other mind-altering substance your kids probably don't want you to find."

Shown above is the actual Dargo, showing no respect for this poor child's bed sheets.

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