Friday, April 9, 2010

Honda's ROBOT chair!!!

This is Honda's U3-X, toted as an "intelligent unicycle, where your own balancing skills are not required." This thing weighs 22 pounds and has a handle for easy carrying. It also has the ability to balance itself, so it will roll along with you, without requiring you to actually lift anything. Some of the features include "a rather unique omni-directional wheel system (called an Omni Traction Drive System) that can roll forward on the full-size wheel or sideways on dozens of little wheels that sit inside the larger wheel. Balancing is provided by accelerometers and sensors that detect the rider's center of gravity and make constant adjustments to keep the U3-X and rider in perfect balance. Riding is simply a matter of leaning, slightly, in the direction you want to go." Right now the company has no plans for release as it is only in prototype phase. The U3-X could be something we see gaining steam in the coming years, it would certainly be helpful to the injured or handicap as it is far less clunky than the typical wheel chair. 

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