Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Incredible UFO story

Here is an incredible UFO story from the 1950's. I have done a fair bit of research on the issue and have come across many accounts of these "Blond hair, blue eyed" folk she talks about. If any of this interests you look up "pleiadians" while it may be hard to swallow at first you will see there are a huge amount of reports just like this woman's,many from different parts of the world. Some stories explaining exactly what she saw even date back to the Native Americans. 
The idea of aliens might be considered a joke by many, what I consider a joke is the idea that we are all alone In this endless universe. If humans have cloned animals, landed on the moon & created Artificial Intelligence in the short time we have existed why is it so hard to believe there are other folks out there that have done the same, and more. Imagine how technically advanced a civilization could become in a million years, or a trillion for that matter. 
Why do I continue to push this topic? because I too have had experiences similar to hers(with a group of other people), couldn't care less who believes me and who doesn't. If you keep your eyes closed to something than you will never see it....

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plaeboi said...

its funny that you posed this. i was watching this very documentary like 2 days ago. i havent finished it but its a collective of a bunch of eye witness stories.