Saturday, June 5, 2010

First order of business

The first thing I HAVE to talk about is the current ongoing disaster in The Gulf of Mexico. The BP oil leak off the coast of the United States is STILL gushing crude oil and natural gas into the ocean, 48 days and counting after the horrible explosion on board the oil rig Deepwater Horizon killed 11 crew workers. This is openly admitted by BP and the US government to be the worst environmental disaster in the history of the United States, and I'm sure in time this beast will gain the world title as well. The destruction of the animals and nature is dramatically devastating and the effects of this will be felt for a long long time to come...

It's surprising to me that not a lot of people seem to be following this story or are even aware of whats actually happening and the massive impacts that come along with it, so what I want to do here is lay out a simplified sequence of events from day one through until now so we can all be clear on what has happened and where we currently stand. I'll be following this disaster daily and will be posting any updates as they come in, but first lets break down what the hell happened!

  • Day 1 - April 20th - There is an explosion on an oil rig called Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico 52 miles(83.6km) southeast of the Louisiana port of Venice in which 11 men lost their lives.

  • Day 3 - April 22nd - The still burning Deepwater Horizon sinks into the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Day 7 - April 26th - Underwater robots discover at least 2 oil leaks in the main pipe that once attached the the Deepwater Horizon to the sea floor. BP estimated that 1,000 barrels of oil was leaking each day from the pipe, independent sources believe the actual number is at least 12,000 to 26,000 barrels per day.

  • Day 9 - April 28th - Experts fear this leak could flow for months, BP says oil will stop leaking in August when two relief wells are drilled into the leaking well. U.S. Coast Guard suggests burning the oil as a solution to the problem.

  • Day 10 - April 29th - BP and U.S. Coast Guard revise their leak estimate to 5,000 barrels leaking per day, the oil slick reaches the Mississippi Delta.

  • Day 12 - May 1st - A growing number of sources and researchers don't believe 5,000 barrels per day estimate, consensus is around 25,000 barrels per day.

  • Day 14 - May 3rd - BP begin their first attempt to stop the leak, trying to install a shutoff valve on one of the three underwater leaks, but admit the operation is complicated and might not work.

  • Day 16 - May 5th - BP claims to have stopped 1 of the 3 leaks, and announces their next plan to lower a 100-ton containment dome over the main leak to syphon the oil up to a waiting ship.

  • Day 19 - May 8th - The containment dome was a failure and the oil still leaks.

  • Day 27 - May 16th - BP has some success in an attempt to insert a small pipe into the leaking hole, syphoning some of the oil, but not nearly the amount still leaking.

  • Day 35 - May 24th - BP has a plan for an operation called "Top Kill" to stop the leak but delays the start of it. New estimates from BP and U.S. are between 12,000 and 19,000 barrels of oil per day.

  • Day 37 - May 26th - BP initiates operation "Top Kill", a process that involves pumping heavy mud into the leak in an attempt to overpower the pressure of the leaking oil long enough to have the time to install a cement cap over the holes. BP states "Top Kill' has a 60-70% chance of working. Meanwhile more and more people in the area and the cleaners are reporting getting sick, and controversy spins over a oil dispersant BP has been using to break up the oil, the dispersant itself is highly toxic and damaging to the ocean.

  • Day 40 - May 29th - BP gives up on operation "Top Kill", the mud they were pumping into the blown out well was not strong enough to hold back the pressure of the leak. The leak appears to have gotten worse(from what is seen on the live feed BP is providing online). Media continues to mention "spill could leak until August".

  • Day 42 - May 31st - BP starts its latest operation called "Top Cap", which will have robots cut away the broken pipe to have a clean top on which to place a cap which will have a pipe to syphon the oil to a ship. BP stated before hand that cutting off the broken pipe will increase the oil flow by about 20%. (The increase I saw on the live feed looks like A LOT more that 20%)

  • Day 43 - June 1st - Scientists come forward claiming gigantic underwater plumes of oil are floating through the ocean unseen, one being 22 miles long, 6 miles wide and 1,000 feet tall, BP denies the existence of such plumes.

  • Day 44 - June 2nd - BP claims the cap is in place and some oil is making its way through the syphoning pipe.

  • Day 47 - June 5th - For the past 3 days the media has been playing the same clips over and over, BP is saying basically NOTHING, just that the cap is in place and they're working on "closing the vents on the cap", the media coverage and air time has fallen sharply although one comment they keep repeating is this thing will leak until August, the online live feed keeps going off and was offline for around 24 hours during Friday and Saturday. What are they hiding? Why aren't they talking about it?

  • Day 48 - June 6th - The online feed is back on... and the massive eruption of oil is still exploding into the Gulf, don't really know whats going on, they're not talking, the media is still repeating the same clips.

I hope that wasn't too long, I tried to cut out unnecessary points, believe me there is a lot more too the story, I completely encourage anyone reading this to get involved and do your own research to find out the truth of whats really going on for yourself. This will affect all of us, and depending on the amount of oil leaking as well as the length of time it leaks, this event could spell disaster and chaos across the world on a level not yet known.

There's a lot to this story, still a lot more I want to say but for now I think I'll bring this post to a close, it's pretty late... I'll be slashing through this information in the following days, for now, take care and keep learning.



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