Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Day Before Disclosure.

-the act or process of revealing or uncovering
-making known
-freeing from secrecy or Ignorance

-What if we were not alone?
-What if the hundreds of thousands of people claiming to have seen Unidentified flying objects in fact had been witnessing Extraterrestrial Spacecraft?
-What if the thousands of people all over the world that tell about their encounters with alien beings through friendly contact or even forced abductions were actually telling the truth?
-What if our Governments had known about an ET presence for more than half a century? If they were in the possession of alien technology that had the potential of changing how our world is run and the they chose to keep the public in the dark through a secret campaign of suppressed information?
-What if that campaign acted as a chain around the ankles of humanity keeping us from rising to a new level of Consciousness and understanding of ourselves, our planet and the Universe around us?
-And what if that Campaign ended tomorrow?

This is The Day Before Disclosure...

-When the Children of tomorrow open their textbooks on human history, what will they read about?
-Will it be the story of how the Catholic Church imprisoned
Galileo for supporting radical theories?
-Will it be the story of how the scientific community laughed at the idea of flying machines, even years after the Wright Brothers demonstrated their first
-Or will it be the story of how the world openly ignored an extraterrestrial
-Will the children of the world laugh at us for being blind, just as we laughed at those who firmly believed the earth was flat?
-Will they speak of us as the people of the old world?
-The last age of solitude?

-The Day Before Disclosure?

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