Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Magnetic Man YouTube Takeover

Skream, Benga, and Artwork AKA Magnetic Man, putting the "Roots of dubstep" debate to rest and discussing some ridiculous viral YouTube videos, as well as many of their new tracks, set to be released on their debut album Oct.11 which is shaping up to be nothing short of Monumental.

Here are some of the YouTube vids they're talking about...
Vince Clarke and the Temple of Synth...

Hatcha TV

Big Apple Records

Zapp & Roger - Dancefloor

Coki - Spongebob

Intruder: the magic of auto tune...

"Chocolate Rain" your either going to love it or hate it

David Rodigan Vs. Poison Dart, Antigua Jamaica. David Rodigan: A legend in Reggae Dancehall and influence to the leading creators of dubstep, is also a hilarious old geaser from England!?

"I NEED AIR" @ Reading fest 2010 "probably our best show of 2010"-SKREAM. Footage looks bonkers!

"Flying into Tokyo" ...magical

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