Saturday, September 11, 2010

Many years later, still no solid answers..

So many aspects of the official 911 story don't make the least bit of sense, some huge questions remain completely unanswered and it has been nearly a decade. This is discussed by firefighters, lawyers, medical professionals, military officers, civilians...the list goes on.
          To be honest I didn't even realize today was 911 until a few hours ago, it's sad that this topic seems tired to some people because the ones behind the scenes still remain free despite the crimes they have committed by starting this oil war. It's another example of old politicians sending young soldiers into the slaughter for their own greed.
          At a recent press conference held on September 9th 2010 there were some powerful testimonies from many different people of many different professions. Below are a few of them.

On a positive note, more and more news agencies such as Yahoo are starting to discuss this topic more openly, it can no longer be simply dismissed as a foolish "conspiracy theory".

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