Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bass with a cause

Today at 9:00pm - Tomorrow at 2:00am

LocationThe Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottigen Street, Halifax

More Info
This venue is a mixed live art media / electronica music showcase.
A non-profit, benifit show, with proceeds going towards legal help for imprisoned G-20 protestors.

There will be facilitated talk on G-20 resistance. I'm not sure how exactly this will go down, but I'm hoping to aim for it to be followed by lax, open discussion where people can feel comfortable to ask questions. There will also be some hard copies of some info that people may take home with them if they want. Great :)


Along side live DJ performances, there will also be a variety of live art, and various talents showcased as well.

Bow Staff performance - by Kyle Scott
Spectacularific feats of Dangertainment - by Zack Trash
Hula Hoop performance - by K-La Stuart
Nik Hill - plasticine head sculpting
Glow Poi spinning performance - by Alex Smith
Live body painting - Adriana Licata
(*and more to be announced)

Live DJ audio art performances :
DJ Dirt Nap (dubstep/Dn'B),
Project Cheech - (Dn'B),
DJ Ginger - (Dn'B)
The Garburator (Dn'B),

oh yeah, this event will be a 'wet-dry' (all-ages) event with bar. ID is still required for those who wish to drink, and there will be different bracelets/stamps for for those who are under (19) age. $6 at the door, or pay what you can. Also, there will also be donations excepted ♥

Thanks for your Super Ort!

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