Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 Magnetic North Pole Shift

2011 seems to have started off with a rather startling omen, worldwide mass wildlife deaths have started since December 31st. A possible cause, The Magnetic North pole is on the run, shifting and moving fast .
             With tons of speculation over the bird and fish deaths worldwide it has sparked all kinds of debates from all sides of the spectrum. Experts claiming that it was caused by all the new years fireworks, scaring birds out of their nests who lost control hitting houses and dive bombing into the ground. Only that doesn't explain why the deaths have continued over the past week worldwide, in places far from urban centres. And if the fireworks theory were true, why is this the first time were hearing of it ? One would expect this sort of thing to happen every new year if fireworks were the culprit.
             Other theories include covert government operations such as the HAARP facilities, one mass bird death case is said to have happened near one said facility. Also Environmental Degradation and Leaked chemicals are being pointed to as possible sources. Sure in some cases one or more of these theories may be true. But when the locations are worldwide seemingly disconnected yet all have the same deadly results, a bigger picture starts to form. We all know that birds use the magnetic north pole for navigation, to navigate south in the winter and even simple navigation for hunting and finding their nest. Airplanes use the same base Principal to navigate worldwide and to find landing strips.
              All a disconnected co-incidence as the main stream would have you believe? Or is it all coming from a common source, effecting all aspects of aviation, wildlife and aircraft alike? You be the Judge...


"Just when you thought there could not be more change going on in the world, Magnetic north is moving"

"the compass is becoming more inaccurate everyday"

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