Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Harddrives of the future....AKA Bacteria

Bacteria could soon replace hard drives as the leading technology for data storage in everything from Ipod's to computers and movies....yeah you read that right, info below.

"Researchers have figured out that data can be stored in bacteria, and that a single gram of bacteria can store more information than a giant 900 terabyte hard drive! This storing and encrypting information in living organisms is called biostorage, and students at Hong Kong's Chinese University are using E. coli to test the possibilities of how we store information in the future.

"In 2007, a team at Japan's Keio University said they had successfully encoded the equation that represents Einstein's theory of relativity, E=MC², in the DNA of a common soil bacterium. They pointed out that because bacteria constantly reproduce, a group of the single-celled organisms could store a piece of information for thousands of years."
Now, research has progressed, and the Hong Kong researchers have figured out how to compress data, store it in chunks in several organisms, and map the DNA so the information can be easily found again, like a filing system. They're calling it biocryptography.

According to the researchers, this could mean a revolution in how we store text, images, music, and even video. And what's more, the information can't be hacked:
"All kinds of computers are vulnerable to electrical failures or data theft. But bacteria are immune from cyber attacks. You can safeguard the information," Professor Chan Ting Fung told AFP."

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