Wednesday, February 23, 2011


A dubstep song made entirely of sounds recorded from an actual BMX's got an amazing flow, very dark and primal, reminds me a lot of Goth-Trad.

Here's a snippet from the creator -

This is an experimental project I did earlier in the year to see whether it was possible to turn a BMX into a dubstep track. Besides the vocals all sounds used were of recordings from the BMX in a studio. I then with a small team directed the music video which stars Josh Briars on his BMX. So the question is, can a BMX be an instrument... please discuss.

The Credits for this video are as follows:

Rider - Josh Briars

Director - Gareth Henry

Producer/D.O.P - Jinny Nijjar

Camera Operators - Jinny Nijjar and Luke Fleming

Sound Design - Gareth Henry

Sound Recordist - Gareth Henry
Assistant Sound Recordist - Josh Briars

Editor - Chris Lyons

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