Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Documentary Wednesday: Zeitgeist: Moving Foward

What I consider to be the defining Documentary of our day has arrived.The Third installment of the Zeitgeist Series and personal favorite is sure to blow minds for years to come. With upwards of 2 million views worldwide after only its first week released online. Be sure to not leave yourself out of the Movement. Already boasting the "Worlds largest theatrical documentary film release" from its Jan. 15 release in 60 Countries. As well as a cache of #1's on YouTube including the #1 most viewed educational video in Canada! And the #4 most discussed video on YouTube! Zeitgeist Moving Forward is not to be missed!

And for those not 100% familiar with the movement here's a short documentary Interview with the man behind it. Rest assured Peter Joseph is just like you and in a lot of ways similar to myself and The Juice. The message is clear. A better world is possible if we wake up to see it.

Here's our older post with the First 2 films:

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