Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ireland against GM food

Ireland has taken a massive step in the fight against Genetically Modified food, banning it all together. Hopefully this sets an example for the rest of the world where GM food has become the new "Norm". Info below courtesy of greenmuze -
" Ireland has been making eco-headlines of late for taking the unusual step of banning the cultivation of genetically modified crops.  The Green Isle now joins a growing number of countries that have opted to ban the growing of GM crops including Japan, Egypt and Germany.
GM Free Ireland reports that the Irish Government will now ban the cultivation of all GM crops and introduce a voluntary GM-free label for food – including meat, poultry, eggs, fish, crustaceans, and dairy produce made without the use of GM animal feed.

The policy was adopted as part of the Renewed Programme for Government agreed between the two coalition partners, the centre-right Fianna FaĆ­l and the Green Party, after the latter voted to support it last week. The agreement specifies that the Government will "Declare the Republic of Ireland a GM-Free Zone, free from the cultivation of all GM plants".
Friends of the Earth Europe's GMO campaign coordinator Helen Holder said "All around Europe, countries are putting up bans or other limits to growing genetically modified crops and the Irish government is to be congratulated. The EU should drop genetically modified food and crops, and instead support green farming which is good for the economy and for the planet". "

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