Thursday, October 27, 2011

Exclusive P0gman Interview!!!

TheJuice902 - First off, I just wanna say that the extended crew here at are big fans, definitely digging the dark bubbly beats you’ve been pumping out over the years

TheJuice902 - How did you first get involved in Dubstep and Bass Music ?

P0gman - I used to listen to a lot of garage when i was younger cause of my big brother and my cousins. This lead to them listening to Drum N Bass as well. I always loved these types of music because of the Bass. The first time I heard Dubstep I knew it was for me as it was so Bass driven. It all started from there really...

TheJuice902 - How do you feel the industry has evolved since than ?

P0gman - Its evolved just like any other scene. You get pioneers, people who take new directions, copycats. All of this is involved in almost every genre. I respect anyone who is making music in any way shape or form. I think Dubstep itself has evolved ALOT. In some ways for the better and in some ways for the worse. I think too many people think just cause a track is at 140bpm it is classed as 'dubstep'. To me a lot of it is just Bass Heavy music. Either way if its good its good :)

TheJuice902 - How long have you been Producing? Any advice to Aspiring beat makers out there ?

P0gman - I've been producing about 2 n half years now. And for the producers out there just make what you wanna make. Dont think just cause someone gets 5 million plays and 5 million followers that you HAVE to make that sort of music. Make whatever music you feel like making, and keep at it . Starting producing can be a bitch cause you wont find your 'sound' straight away. Just keep going and keep exploring

TheJuice902 - What group or artist is your biggest musical influence (Dubstep Genre)

P0gman - I always loved the HENCH sound. This drippy, wet, wobbly sound you hear from me came from my love for HENCH. I take ALOT of influence from outside of Dubstep though. I listen to a massively wide range of music

TheJuice902 - What is group or artist is your biggest musical influence (General Music)

P0gman - That is way too hard to answer. I have so so so so many bands/artists that i absolutely love. Like i said previously, I listen to a massively wide range of music so there has been so many influential bands/artists to me

TheJuice902 - Someone (dead or alive) that you would most want to meet and why?

P0gman - Bob Ross from The Joy Of Painting. My favourite program in the world. That guy seriously had the greatest talent ever and seems like he would be the nicest man on earth if he were still here. Bob Ross is a SERIOUS BAAAAADMAN!!!!

TheJuice902 - How do you prefer to Dj (Vinyl,CD,MIDI) and why?

P0gman - I mix CD. I would love to mix vinyl but its an expensive game and not everything that i spin is available on vinyl. There is Serato and things like that but i just stick to CD as its the thing i got to grips with first

TheJuice902 - Any big plans for P0gman this upcoming year ?

P0gman - Gigs Gigs Gigs. A lot of big collabs coming and obv theres tunes coming out all the time . Keep your eye on Styx Recordings and Chronos Records as you will be seeing a lot from me on there . Biggups to everyone and hope to play in all your cities very very soon!

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