Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bill C-11, our SOPA, our internet, our freedom of speech and our rights....

There is a dangerous bill beging purposed in Canada that in a lot of ways, is actually worst than SOPA. 

"Potential criminals? With severe fines? for the following actions that many of the current generation of computer literate consumers do:

- Copying a song off a CD that you have purchased to your iPod or cell phone to listen to on your commute to work?

- Copying a movie off a DVD or Blu-Ray that you have purchased to your cellphone or tablet to watch while waiting in line at the cash register?

- Copying a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disc that you have purchased in order to prevent your young children from scratching the original disc? (something I'm sure that has happen to many a parent including this one)"

We have to let our government and officials know that our freedom is important to us and we will not stand by as our rights get stripped away!

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