Monday, March 5, 2012

Exclusive Dubbacle Interview

Dubbacle (hailing from the Netherlands
) is a name that is quickly gaining momentum and receiving some global respect along the way. From hard-hitting drippy bangers to melodic and moody lounge beats, Dubbacle is an artist who knows the definition of versatility. We are also proud to announce Dubbacle will be releasing exclusive material on our upcoming BassBias Launch EP (Fall 2012).

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BassBias/TheJuice902 - How did you first get involved in Dubstep and Bass Music ?

Dubbacle - At the beginning of my freshman year one of my future friends introduced me to the sounds of Rusko's Jahova. At first I was not that much into the sounds, but later on I started to appreciate the good quality of the sub basses and the rhythm, which was different for me since I was just introduced with electro.

BassBias/TheJuice902 - How do you feel the industry has evolved since than ?

Dubbacle - A lot more people from the electro scene have stepped up and switched to making 140 BPM music, some of them with good work, and some of them bringing bad influences into what I call the true dubstep scene. The dance/electro influence into dubstep has brought some nice, more uptempo influences in dubstep, but at some point, I think with the tunes of Dismantle, it became for me more or less faster elektro.

BassBias/TheJuice902 - How long have you been Producing? Any advice to Aspiring beat makers out there ?

Dubbacle - I started producing like one and a half year ago. I started with the help of my friend Savox, which I mentioned earlier, just asking for feedback from him, and learning how to master FL Studio in which I make my beats. Together with that feedback I gained experience. One of the key advices for young producers is to be critical on your own work, sometimes even take some distance from it, and take a week and then listen it back, which enables self-reflection, and the other thing is never be afraid to ask other people for advice or help. I have experienced that the scene is open for new talent, guys like Dream or Unitz, p0gman and other DJs are never too bad to give some advice. Find someone you can make yourself better with. Joining forces is the way.
BassBias/TheJuice902 - What group or artist is your biggest musical influence (Dubstep Genre)

Dubbacle - I am an absolute fan of everything Digital Mystikz has made. It makes me humble when I hear their music. Such refinement in the Mala songs, such raw noises in the Coki songs, they take your mind on a journey, just awesome. I like Skream as well, but also some new producers who make sick basses, such as p0gman, Giant, Subzee-D and well, more than I can name. I listen to any kind of dubstep artist, though not to Flux Pavilion or Skrillex anymore.

BassBias/TheJuice902 - What is group or artist is your biggest musical influence (General Music)

Dubbacle - I used to really like the rap artists like The Game and Kanye West, I still have some CDs of these guys. In general, I like every artist that knows how to make something which has identity, what makes it stand out in the mass of similar music. I don't like pop anymore, because they all make the same to me.
BassBias/TheJuice902 - Someone (dead or alive) that you would most want to meet and why?

Dubbacle - Mark Lawrence (Mala). I think he is one of the leading persons in the dubstep scene and I think he has much more intellect then we all know about him. I have seen a Red Bull Music Academy video of him and he just seems like a really interesting person to me.

BassBias/TheJuice902 - How do you prefer to Dj (Vinyl,CD,MIDI) and why?

Dubbacle - Actually, I don't DJ. I just produce; I have a lot of respect for the people who are able to mix two songs in each other seamlessly. I would still love to learn that someday. On the topic of cds of vinyl: I recently ordered like 5 to 6 new vinyls, most of them with old school dubstep from DMZ, Cluekid, Kromestar and Silkie.I am collecting these vinyls, I've just started doing so.I would play them when I want to hear them, on a good system. I know djs who are able to mix with vinyl, so maybe to gigs I'd bring them too.

BassBias/TheJuice902 - Any last words, shout outs or upcoming plans for Dubbacle and 2012?

Dubbacle - 2012 has to become the year that the quality of my sounds get even better, so that I can even better get my ideas into the records. Being signed somewhere would be a real honor, but its not the main goal. I just love the fact when someone goes out of their mind on one of my tracks. It gives me some satisfaction and in some way it feels good to be able to move people in such a way. Dubstep is about good vibes, and I want to keep that spirit alive. Oh I want to thank all the people who are listening to your show, and are enjoying the music, even if it's not my music. You deserve good music.

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