Monday, May 28, 2012

Bill-38 aims to turn Canada into a true Dictatorship, Sign the Petition...Spread the word

Bill C-38 is a step in a dangerous new direction for Canada, it takes away the protection of our environment and hopes to rid our basic ability to protest and speak. It is also being backed by our dictator we call Prime Minister Harper. We need the Canadian Government to know that we won't stand for our way of life being stripped away piece of piece. We have become an apathetic nation as a whole and that needs to change. How do you spell Dictator?...H-A-R-P-E-R

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Clip from Yahoo News article ---

Last week, Dennis Drainville, the bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Quebec wrote a scathing piece about the bill and how the Stephen Harper government is minimizing the role of Parliament."In the last 12 months I have seen clearly the rise of tyrannical policies and the application of such mind and state control that the people of Canada , unless they soon react, will find themselves not only slaves to a corporate and political domination they never chose but they will experience the extinguishing of any of the hopes and dreams that they once had for a nation firmly based upon the foundations of compassion, justice and peace," he wrote."For God's sake, for all of our sakes, wake-up Canada."

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